Season Finale At Portland International Raceway with OMRRA

This season we had  provided track support with the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association which is a 6 Round series run at Portland International Raceway (PIR)

PIR is a Horsepower track made up of its high speed 180+mph front straight and a Back straight which is not so straight and you enter it at over 130mph on the right hand side of the tire with a wall on your inside, it makes you feel like your at the macau gp as you dare to get as close as you can to the wall as you can to get the perfect line down the back straight.

There are still plenty of smaller bikes on the grid here, with HustleHardracing sponsored racer Christine Porter on her KTM 390 cup bike and many Ninja 250 and 300's as well as a growing R3 grid and you will also find plenty of SV650's still on the track.

Honestly the bikes we see here in Portland remind me so much of the Paddock in the UK, maybe that is why PIR and OMRRA feels like home to me. Making our 9 hour trip from Boise Idaho with our support trailer you would need to love the place! The riders and whole OMRRA staff and corner workers are what make it what it is. There is alot of Talent here and it was awesome to get on the grid with them through out the season.

Concentrating on supporting the club with Vending kept us from racing as much as we had liked but that's ok, business first! We thank all of the riders for buying from us this season and supporting us.

I did manage to get out on the R1 for Formula Ultra on Saturday after just 1 dry practice on the 2fast friday trackday to get the bike set up.

I felt great in the race early on until i noticed that my right arm position was changing, clipon was twisting on the fork leg and bringing my hand closer to the frame, it wouldnt of been so much of a problem in a shorter race but formula Ultra is a longer race and i had to deal with it, around lap 7 i noticed my brake pressure was totally gone and i had to back way off to try and figure out what was happening, i couldnt figure it out so i decided it was not save to be out there with half the braking power so i pulled off. As soon as i got off the bike i noticed my brake adjuster cable was stretched tight because the clipon had rotated so far on the fork (my bad for not checking them) it had even got caught on my laptimer and basically was stopping me from pulling in the lever!

Lap timer re positioned and clipon tightened i would have to wait until race 2 on sunday to race again.

Sunday came and the weather was way nicer and the lap times came down! some seriously Fast guys out there on the grid with a wealth of Experience.

My start wasn't so hot but i managed to stick with the lead group for the first few laps, brakes felt great! i was just struggling getting out through turn 5 which you need to nail to get the run down the back straight, i kept getting tank slappers in the transition between 5 and 6 which meant every lap i started dropping from the group, by this time Devon McDonough and Ryan Sutton both #1 plate holders (Ryan the 2015 and Devon Newly crowned) were in a race of their own down in the 1:06 's

There was another group of about 5 riders after that and i had struggled to keep that pace and had slipped back with a best lap time of 1:08 finishing in 9th with a healthy 7 second gap back to  10th position.

The Past few times i have raced at Portland have been extremely tough and i hope when i return that i will be more competitive.  We are Moving to Southern California and lets just say it might be a while before we get back up to the Pacific North West to Race!

Its Been a Great Year with the club though and we would like to Congratulate everyone that took a Championship this season! Including Our Very own HustleHardracing Sponsored rider Tony Porter who took the Formula 40 championship on his 2015 Yamaha R1

devon-mcdonughBig Congrats to Devon McDonough 2016 OMRRA Champion


Big Congrats to Tony Porter 2016 Formula 40 Champion (Hustlehardracing sponsored rider)


Farewell 2016! It was an Epic Time



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