Translogic Blip Assist with PitLane Warm Up Feature 2017 Yamaha FZ10/MT10

Translogic Blip Assist with PitLane Warm Up Feature 2017 Yamaha FZ10/MT10




Translogics Blip Assist is their answer to clutchless down shifts for your Motorcycle, Now Featuring a Automatic Engine warm Up Feature  that will Blip your throttle to get your Motorcycle up to operating temperature before you go out for a ride or Grid up for your Race.

Which is very important for longevity of engine life, How many of you fire it up and head out without really warming the engine oil? Dont think because your coolant temp is up to temp that the oil is..

Used and Approved by Current Moto America Superstock1000 Champions Westby Racing

  • Blip Assist Throttle Blipper

    Developed on the track, race proven and fitted to factory race bikes Translogic's throttle blipper system features adaptive-shift-technology and multi-stage blip intensity, plus pro-tuner-mode for changing shift force and throttle blip durations at different engine RPMs

  • Durashift

    TESTED TO OVER 1,000,000 SHIFTS!

    Ultra-durable Quickshifter sensors, designed to perform, produced from Titanium and Stainless steel alloys. Environmentally endurance passed. The #1 OEM choice for reliability and performance. Dual channels for road or race shift set-up designed to perfectly compliment Translogic's the Blip Assist ECUs.

  • Everythings included

    Tie-rods manufactured using aircraft specification aluminium for durability and lightness featuring Translogic's DUAL THREADS. Supplied as a 2 piece tie-rod kit for an easy install.

  • NEW!

    Pit Lane Warm Up

    Unique and innovative, this new pit lane warm up feature is handle bar button activated. Simply press for an instant engine warm up sequence of 100 calculated throttle blips to provide efficient, safe engine warming.

    This new state-of-the-art Throttle Blipper system or Down Shifter is designed to compliment Translogic's Intellishift DCS systems and Powershift systems. The Blip Assist ECU interfaces with the engines throttle body connectors via the plug&play connectors. During down shifts either Translogic's DCS sensor or Powershifter ECU sends a signal to the Blip Assist ECU which then performs a controlled throttle blip depending on riding conditions at the time of the down shift.

    The exciting NEW pit lane warm up feature incorporated into these state-of-the-art throttle blipper systems is activated by an anodised billet aluminium handle bar mounted bracket encapsulating a single sealed tactile button featuring gold plated contacts for precise operation.

    Fully adjustable and adaptive. The strength/duration of the throttle blip can be adjusted using Translogic's Pro-Tuner-Mode (No PC is necessary). The sensor trigger force can be adjusted too as well as the intensity of the blip itself in 5 different RPM bands. There are default settings within the Blip Assist ECU thanks to the hundreds of hours of real world testing carried out by Translogic Systems and it's professional partners giving you a great head start when first experiencing this new technology.

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