Ohlins Steering Damper 2015-19 R1

Ohlins Steering Damper 2015-19 R1



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Ohlins 68mm Motorcycle Steering Damper for replacement 2015-19 Yamaha R1

Kit Contents
Description Part No Pcs
Steering damper SD 047 1
Tie-rap 4.8 x 200 00231-01 3
Washer 8.4/24/2 00426-03 2
Screw M8x40 01046-21 1
Sleeve 8/14/7 02238-16 1
Resistor 21702-02 1
Sticker Öhlins Wh/Tr 01185-01 2
Sticker Öhlins Bl/Tr 01185-04 2
Owner´s manual 07261-02 1ly from Ohlins!

Oil under pressure avoids the problem of free play.
Adjustable damping via 20 clicks.

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