MWR Velocity Stacks ZX10R/RR 2019+

MWR Velocity Stacks ZX10R/RR 2019+


These stacks do NOT fit on the 2016-18 model , the throttle bodies are the same but the original installation sleeves are changed , they are 1 mm larger in diameter

You will need MWR-VS-400

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MWR-VS-410 : Velocity Stacks for the Kawasaki ZX10R / ZX10RR 2019+

The set is co-developed by MWR, KRT & KHI , they tested four different configurations and the best option concerning both road & race use has become the current set MWR-VS-400 , looking at the best performance , most mid-range power / torque and the overall smoothness of the curve.

The tests were done on the bikes of KRT (WSBK) and Team Green ( Superbike Factory Team Japanese Championship) and of course they will not show us the powercurve but KHI told me the MWR Velocity Stacks work and they for sure wouldn't use them (while winning WSBK title after title with MWR) if they didn't!

Of course pretty soon we will powercurves / dyno charts to show from independent teams, shops, and riders for us to share, but for now you'll just have to trust us 🙂

Installation is very easy , remove the original stacks and you can install the MWR stacks , you need the original mounting sleeves for installation.

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