Helite GP Air Track Vest -Armor & Airbag Equipped. Full neck and collarbone protection. Finally slim fitting racer oriented Airbag vest. Created,designed and Manufactured in France.

Finally a Product made for your aftermarket 1 piece race suit that can be recharged in less than 2 minutes at the track for $25

This is something that amateur racers and trackday enthusiasts should be using. Hospital bills can get out of control and we all have to go back to work on Monday so Protect yourself.




The World's Most Reliable Airbag System Just Got Faster... This may be the same concept seen by other competitors, but on a whole different level of protection and quality! 

For the highest level of safety for any motorcyclists Helite introduces the Helite GP Air Airbag Track Vest. Practical, lightweight and discreet with an all new aerodynamic design and flexible fit, the GP Air Track Vest has been specially developed for the race track.

While continuing to protect any rider wearing it from serious injury, the design of the GP Air focuses on aerodynamic design while making space for your suit's hump. This vest guarantees the most optimum protection without sacrificing comfort. The airbag system boasts full protection when deployed covering your back, neck, spine, chest, ribs, pelvis, head, pancreas, liver, lungs, etc. with full inflation time under 80-milliseconds. That makes it the fastest mechanically triggered airbag system on the planet.

The GP Air Track Vest utilizes Helite's patented TURTLE technology with one exception: TURTLE effect has been DOUBLED! Not only does the back of the vest have protective armor. The front of the GP Air has integrated body armor as well! This means an even higher level of protection than ever before.

This suit work of an elasticated Lanyard that attaches to to a secure point between the back of the gas tank and front of the seat unit.

  • Most Durable Airbag Road Racing Vest in the Industry
  • Leather wrapped
  • Armor Padding Thru Out Back and Chest
  • Full Coverage Inflation; most coverage seen than any other external airbag available
  • Tail Bone Protection/Coverage
  • Kidney Protection/Coverage
  • Hump Back Cutout
  • Slimmest Profile on the Market
  • No annoying 'flapping' of extra material and nylon during ride
  • Repairable at minimal costs
  • Customizable Sizing Available
  • Used in Moto2 and by professionals around the world

Replacement C02 canisters are easily replaced and at a cost of $25



Additional information


L, M, S, XL

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