Evol Technology Rearsets for Yamaha R3

Evol Technology Rearsets for Yamaha R3




Evol Technology Rearsets for Yamaha R3

Developed together with young gun Corey Ventura of Melissa Paris' MP13 race team, Evol are confident thier R3 rearsets reset the standard in foot controls for this great little track weapon.  Although they have priced them to help the upcoming, new, and budget-minded racers attracted to the R3, They have included absolutely all the features of their championship winning rearsets.

There are no compromises to function, quality, durability, or aesthetics.  They feature a simplified design, for light weight and great durability and reliability.  They come with a billet shift input arm specifically designed and optimized for the R3 for vastly improved shift lever action, as well as a CNC machined brake return spring kit -- included even at this low price.  Be the first on your grid with Evol Technology rearsets for the Yamaha R3, and dominate with us.



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