Dynojet Shift Rod Kit

Dynojet Shift Rod Kit





Dynojet Truth in power

Power Commander Shift Rod Kits
About the Shift Rod Kits

The Dynojet Shift Rods are designed for certain Quick Shifters only for specific bike models. As a result, not all bike models require the purchase of a Shift Rod Kit.

When purchasing a Quick Shifter the Shift Rod Kits must be added to the shopping cart separately, they are not included with the Quick Shifter. Below you will find a shift rod and quick shifter install guide:

Dynojet Shift Rod Kits sizes


Shift Rods are designed for specific Quick Shifters. Required only for specific motorcycle models. Not all Quick Shifters need an additional Shift Rod purchase. Be sure to read the Shift Rod Guides above to determine whether or not you need one. For additional information you can contact support.

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