2018 Kawasaki EX400 K-Tech Suspension Razor-R Rear Shock

2018 Kawasaki EX400 K-Tech Suspension Razor-R Rear Shock


Please Tell us your Weight when making your purchase so we can make sure to set the shock up to your weight

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The K-Tech Razor-R shocks offer refined handling and enhanced performance over the standard equipment. The Razor-R shocks have been designed with quality and performance in mind featuring compression and rebound damping, spring preload and length adjustment to allow owners of middleweight motorcycles to improve their ride with sporty aesthetics and improved performance.


Increased performance and control

Compression damping adjustment

Rebound damping adjustment

Spring preload adjustment

Length adjustment

Nitrogen filled N2

Simply bolts on to replace original equipment

Kawasaki EX 400 Ninja 2018 Razor-R Rear Shock 35mm Piston + 14mm Shaft Adjustable For: Compression Damping Rebound Damping Spring Preload Ride Height Hose Mounted Remote Reservoir Nitrogen Gas Charged Fully Rebuildable

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