HustleHardracing South East are prepping To Race!

Hustle Hard Racing would like to welcome 3 new racers in the southeastern region to the team! The sport we love so much is starting to expand with new racers on smaller displacement bikes and want to bring some brand new racers to the team from day 1. We want to welcome Cailtin Incledon, Tyler Andrews, and Matthew Wilcox to the team. All 3 racers are racing the F and E superstock series as well as MOTO 3 categories.

Caitlin Incledon (#222) has been in the hotpits for years supporting her husband Stephen Incledon (2015 A SS WERA National Champion) and finally has put her foot down to start racing herself! She has ridden bikes all her life taught by her father starting out on dirt and quickly has taken to the track.While her hot pink/red bike may not look intimidating, she can put down very fast lap times and she is incredibly consistent. She is on a well prepped Aprilia RS125 and already making amazing progress.

Tyler Andrews (#779) was a autocross junkie until last year when he was shown going fast on 2 wheels is much better then 4. Having never ridden a bike in his life before last year, he has definitely taken to the sport. From learning how to ride in a parking lot to being on a racetrack at the GNF for his first race in 6 short months is nothing less then astounding.Tyler will be riding a race prepped 2011 CBR 250 with a few tricks up his sleeve. He has shown great progress and a even bigger commitment.

Matthew Wilcox (#810) has been a street rider for years and recently moved to north Florida. After spending many years chasing canyons on the street he decided it was time to try the track and was instantly hooked. After some thought he decided fielding his 2015 S1000rr might be a bad choice being brand new to the track, so he has fully built a 2012 CBR 250 to fight it out with Caitlin and Tyler. Matt has also shown a amazing amount of progress from his first track day not long ago and will have a great crew around him to help him grow competitively.

These 3 riders along with Stephen Incledon and Matt Baird make up the southeast team of Hustle Hard Racing and we will be racing many WERA events as well as some Lightweight Endurance events across the southeast.

We are very happy to have them on the team and cant wait to see some great results throughout the year!



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